Welcome to Paul Postma Marketing Consultancy BV, the management consultancy firm with 30 years of experience in marketing and sales strategy and processes. According to research by TNSNipo and Motivaction PPMC belongs to the top 3 of Dutch firms of its kind, together with Mckinsey and BGC. This research is based on opinions of companies with experience in marketing and business consultancy. In 2014 and 2015, PPMC even took the top spot in this list.

Clients appreciate that PPMC creates simple, intelligent and effective marketing strategies for them, that result in increased revenues and lower costs of their marketing and sales processes.

PPMC is a specialist in quantitative marketing consultancy: we accurately map costs, opportunities and revenue. Digital, datadriven and direct. PPMC starts with the behavior of their clients’ customers – fact based, measurable behavior. This is where PPMC applies new insights of neuromarketing. Customer Relationship Management, Customer Journey, online and offline, take advantage of these new insights. Big data create new opportunities combined with database marketing for the execution. Social media, mobile, and gaming make customers more predictable than ever before. Welcome to PPMC’s world of marketing.


Please contact us at info@ppmc.nl or give us a call +31 578 61 11 09.

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